To me, education means prosperity, personality growth and overall development of the society. Observing its impact on the quality of life and culture, I am fully convinced that education is the need and right of all including needy, poor and deprived. My interactions with world's top ranking academicians and educational scientists have made me understand the grammar of socio-economic trend and the role of educated youths in near future in the developing countries like ours. We have reached to a conclusion that mere enhancement in the literacy level is not going to be the solution for the present generation, and, here comes the real challenge for the institution like NAGD College, situated in rural belt with its maximum reach and penetration in the downtrodden class.

We are committed and trying to provide better educational atmosphere with all required paraphernalia and international exposure to our young children who have a missionary zeal and enthusiasm to achieve the height of success in life in addition to the formal Degrees.

F. K. Abbasi, President

For Your Bright Future.