Hon'able citizens , respected parents and dear students We have successfully completed fourteen years of the long life of this Institutions that I came forward to covey my congratulation and good wishes to you.

I have been a teacher by nature as well as by profession for forty years of my life. It is why I choose to live the rest of my life as a teacher through Nayab Abbasi Girls PG College, Amroha. I had been a friend of Shri. M.N. Abbasi, Founder and President of this college, for twenty years before I shifted to Amroha in 2001. The expanse of land, the building and the running of this institution during the early two years of the institution from his single pocket is a great contribution by and an individual for the community and the society at large. Only this contribution of Shri. M.N. Abbasi inspired me to give up last five years of my Government service to get pre - mature retirement to serve this institution. It cost me dearly in terms of salary, pension and funds .But the spirit of social and educational service which has been deep rooted in my heart helped me to shift to Amroha for this noble cause while my family is settled at Manglour Town in Distt. Haridwar of Uttrakhand State. My interest with this institution is only social and educational service and for that most people call me a fool of this materialistic world.

But my experience once in 2006-07 and now in 2013-14 has been very bitter and even harmful to my health and life. The sprit which inspired me to shift to Amroha has been the thing of the past. I have been suffering physically and mentally only for this behavior. Still making effort for betterment and improvement in condition is only because I have devoted fourteen valuable years of my life for this institution. It is only I for whom this college is still in working condition. None can appreciate these remarks of nine but it is hundred percent truths and should be the scale to judge my mental condition and torture I have been a victim of. Only this behavior has been proving a hurdle in the progress of this institution. There is one hidden problem as well and I am afraid if this institution will survive as it had been on the brink of being closed down in the past.

There may be some personal grievance, that too of very low magnitude, but by and large the staff and the management is one and united and co-operative . One can never run this institution so successfully without co-operation and hard work of my sub-ordinates and student. Regular classes, total discipline and security, fair examination and family atmosphere are a few of the qualities of this institution worth mentioning. This institution is counted as one of the best institution of the State by the University, Society, Student and Guardians. During my long tenure of last fourteen years, my achievement may be counted as name of the college. Permanent affiliation of all the three facilities, protecting B.ED. session from the enquires of Hon'ble Governor of U.P. and then having B.ED session 2006-07 after three month of the schedule time, minority character of the college from U.P. Govt., affiliation with U.G.C under clause 2 (f) and (12B) construction of two hostels from different Govt. agencies, exam centre of other colleges, study centre and now exam centre of Rajshri Tandon Open University, Allahabad, fee fixation of new rate by the Hon'ble H.C. , In service teacher Camp , affiliation of B.T.C from NCTE , B.ED Exame Center of total Distt. Amroha.

In the last, I request the citizen , the parents, staff members and students to come forward with greater co-operation and contribution to make this institution , "Unique"which its name "Nayab" stand for. I wish all success to all of them and this institution at large.

M. Aslam Farooqui


For Your Bright Future.